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About spinookie.com

The spinookie.com you're seeing now is a recreation of the original spinookie.com, which sadly disappeared in 2016, according to the Internet Archive. Here is the last available version of the page on the Wayback Machine, from the 10th of January in 2016.

A screenshot of the original spinookie website
This is spinookie.com as it used to look before going offline, courtesy of the Internet Archive's Wayback machine.

After this date, the website became parked, which means it was still available but only contained information on how to buy the domain for yourself, as well as advertisements.

According to WhoisRequest.com's domain history checker, the domain was first created in 2008 and was hosted (and for a while, sponsored?) by New World Hosting, now One World Hosting. The domain changed nameservers a few times before it was dropped in 2017, presumably because the registration expired.

Soon after, spinookie.com was available again under new nameservers (from the hosting company GoDaddy) but at this point it was already parked: the spinookie recipe was gone. It stayed under GoDaddy control until 2018 where it was dropped again. We can only assume that from this point on spinookie.com was available for registration again.

Finally, I registered spinookie.com in October of 2021 when an old bookmark reminded me of its existence. My goal now is to provide this website for free for as long as possible, and try to pass ownership of the domain to a successor if I'm ever not able to anymore.

spinookie.com, the spinash cookie recipe website, lives on!

About the recreation

The recreation of the main and only page of the original website aims to look as close as possible to the original.

Behind the scenes I rewrote the code to make it more compliant with modern standards and thus more future-proof. The website looks much better on small screens now. I also added an option to switch to metric units.

For maximum fidelity, I have allowed myself to use the original picture of the green cookie, directly from the last known version of the page on the Internet Archive.


To contact me, the creator of the recreation, you can e-mail me at admin@spinookie.com.

To contact the original author of spinookie.com, well... I wish I knew! If you know how to contact them or even are them, please contact me using the address above, I'd be very interested to get in touch!